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Corporate Wellness

People are the greatest assets in any business.  Outdoor Spirit's corporate wellness programs are designed to support people to thrive in business and in life.

Our programs guide you through practices of mindfulness, play, authentic communication and embodied awareness.

The benefits of these practices include increased productivity, focus, stress reduction, mental wellness and more authentic connections and interactions with clients and colleagues. 

What we offer 

We customize our programs from the services below and create an unforgettable experience for your business. 

We offer half and full day programs as well as in office sessions. 


Team Mindfulness Hikes

Your team will enjoy the benefits of nature, hiking trails in the beautiful Samford valley area. During the hikes we will pause to complete mindfulness practices and enjoy a delicious morning tea. 

You will leave with a number of mindfulness tools to support your daily life, a full belly and a relaxed body. 


Team Building 

Our team building program offers your group an opportunity to return to their roots through survival bush craft activities, team building experiences and authentic communication practices. Our team building days involve a lot of play and fun, a crucial aspect in life that is often overlooked. Play sparks imagination, develops creativity and reduces stress, allowing you to feel rested while still in an active state of being. A great tool to include in the workplace.  


In Office Mindfulness Session 

We will come to you.

Our in-office 2.5hr session explores how to work with your nervous system to find balance and calm while still getting your work done. We will guide you through mindfulness practices you can use every day to keep you in this state of balance. We also explain why mindfulness is so important if you desire success in business and in life, 

Collaborative Services

We can't do it all, so we have teamed up with a few outstanding businesses to give you a few more options to create an absolutely unforgettable day for your team. 

creative roots.jpg

Breathwork and Sound bath

With the use of heart opening Cacao plant medicine and vibrational instruments such as the Hand Pan, Didgeridoo, Shamanic Drum, Ocean Drum, Crystal and Tibetan Singing Bowls, Chimes and more Creative Roots will take you on a metaphysical sound journey through your mind and heart like never before.

When we consciously manipulate our breathing, we create the ability to control our autonomic nervous system and with practice we can then take back the controls of life by reducing stress, anxiety, depression, anger and more. 

Breathwork | Creative Roots Breath Therapy

Flow yoga.jpeg

Bliss Yoga 

Hatha Yoga for Bliss

The performance of gentle, flowing movements in Hatha Yoga and the holding of postures with mindful breathing, allow body, mind and spirit to come into harmony. Increasingly, people of the modern world are choosing yoga as a means to maintaining health, well-being and equilibrium. It’s regular practice develops a deep sense of calm, intuition and joy.

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Mindfulness cooking classes

A hands-on program, you will learn the intricacies of cooking and how to use food to prevent and manage specific illnesses & diseases and to maintain health. This is a mindfulness cooking class and nutrition class all rolled into one. You will engage with all your senses and enjoy the beauty of getting lost in the moment surrounded by the glorious smell of spice and delicious food. 

Clean Living Indian - Clean Living Indian

Our Clients Say

"We broke free from the concrete jungle and embarked on an epic mindfulness and team-building hike to Cedar Creek waterfalls!

We immersed ourselves in nature with Outdoor Spirit AU's expert guides, Tammy Russell and Guy L'Estrange, leading the way 🌿🍃

Their mindfulness practices inspired us to connect on a whole new level, equipping us with fresh tools to tackle stress, enhance efficiency, and supercharge our teamwork.

Want to elevate your team's well-being and energy? We highly recommend Outdoor Spirit AU for your next event! It's the perfect way to rejuvenate, reconnect, and return to work with a renewed sense of purpose."
Erin Zeitsch  Operations Manager 
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