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This Is Our Story

At Outdoor Spirit, we're all about re-connecting people with nature in a mindful way.
In a world full of technological and materialistic distractions, we have lost touch with our connection to nature and the spirit that moves through all things.  Most of us are fearful if anything outside of our sanitised urban environments.  We have become fearful of the animals and plants, that nourished, healed and carried messages for our ancestors. We are fearful of the wild environments that people once called home. We are completely unaware of the life-force and universal knowledge that our ancestors could tap into whenever they needed. We are fearful of the risks of what might happen and who might hurt us if we venture into these spaces.  We have lost touch with out ability to feel comfort, peace and to be nurtured by nature.

Well, we haven't completely lost touch with nature ... remember a walk along the beach - the wet sand between your toes, a gentle breeze upon your face, the rhythmic waves rolling in and the peace and connectedness it brought?  Remember the majesty of the sunrise, the potency of the full moon, and the relaxation you feel when walking in a natural environment? This is the spirit of nature calling to you. Calling you back to the present moment.

Come with us into nature and learn how to feel comfortable and connected again.  Connect with the spirit of nature and awaken your awareness of your own inner spirit and that of those around you. For they are all one and the same.

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