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Youth in Nature
Hands-on Adventure

An inclusive hands-on adventure in nature for those aged 12-17 years in Samford Valley.

Youth in Nature is an immersive experience encouraging physical activity and nature connection.  On a weekly basis over the duration of a school term, participants undertake activities that help them reengage with the natural world in holistic ways.  Session include exploration of the natural environment, nature journaling, primitive technologies, eco arts, natural weaving, shelter building, whittling, fitness, and campfire cooking.  'Youth in Nature' is coordinated by outdoor professionals and targets social and emotional development, increased physical fitness, developing an appreciation for nature, improved mental health, and exposure to manageable risk.

Building on the principles of 'Bush Kids' and nature play which focuses on pre-school and primary aged children, 'Youth in Nature' targets those aged 12-17 and is the only program of its kind in Queensland.

The program is innovative in the ways we teach the foundations for reengaging with nature and being more at ease in the wild.  Our focus is on inclusivity and building confidence and awareness, rather than pushing physical limits in adventure-based scenarios.  We believe that our holistic approach to being outdoors addresses physical, mental and social wellbeing in a unique and inclusive way that is appealing to youth who have disengaged from more traditional physical activities.

Many of our program participants have disengaged from mainstream education, struggle with social anxiety, and find it difficult to fit in.  With the increasing lure of technology-based entertainment, many Australian youth are losing the ability and desire to run, jump, climb, swing and play outside.  A large proportion of the youth population consider the outdoors an alien and unfamiliar environment to be avoided.  There is a need for new ways of addressing these concerns, and our 'Youth in Nature' program achieves this.

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  • Bush Kids Holiday Program
    Bush Kids Holiday Program
    Multiple Dates
    Tue, 25 June
    Samford Valley
    25 June 2024, 9:00 am – 3:00 pm
    Samford Valley, Samford Parklands Tennis Courts, 2124 Mount Samson Rd, Samford Valley QLD 4520, Australia
    Help your children get their nature fix these holidays!
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